Frequently Asked Questions

What is a container?
A container is a virtual computer environment or VPS hosted at one of GameFocal's locations. A container is where all your game servers and applications are installed at.
Why not just a VPS?
A GameFocal Container comes pre-loaded with everything you need to install a game server within seconds. Allowing us to offer VPS level access to the container while providing the ease-of-use as shared hosting does.
Unlimited Game Servers?
Don't worry about paying per-server, GameFocal only charges for containers. So you can install, uninstall, start and stop as many game servers as you wish as long as your container has the resources to support it.
Has the GameFocal software really been in space?
Yes, the GameFocal Hive is based on the Snaju Nebula system. A ultra low-latency command and control system fro the aerospace and space industry.
How long does it take for a container to deploy?
We instantly start to deploy the container once you order it, and it is normally ready for use within 2 minutes.
What if I am not happy?
We offer a 15-day money back guarantee based on the date of your first container order, and then after that you can always destroy a container for a refund to your account credit.

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