GameFocal prised it's self by offering a 100% uptime guarantee for containers, or virtual private servers sold by GameFocal. The following are the terms and conditions of our service level agreement, what this guarantee covers, and how to claim credits for downtime.

What is considered downtime?

Downtime is when the container, and it's main assignable IP is not reachable by you, the customer, or GameFocal and our team using the public internet.

What is Covered

  1. unplanned hardware or software maintenance
  2. network unavaibility as a result of any hardware failure
  3. network unavaibility as a result of human error (caused by GameFocal, LLC)

What is NOT Covered

  1. planned network maintenance aimed to improve service
  2. network unavailability as a result of issues arising from carrier, however GameFocal will do it's best to ensure that the carrier provides compensation
  3. unauthorised access to the user's account
  4. downtime caused by the user

Compensation Levels

15 Minutes 5% Of Monthly Price
60 Minutes 10% Of Monthly Price
3 hours 20% Of Monthly Price
9 hours 30% Of Monthly Price
24 hours 40% Of Monthly Price
Greater than 24 hours 60% Of Monthly Price


Compensation is calculated from the first reported time the server is down, meaning once your report the outage to GameFocal or we open a network issue announcement we will begin to track the downtime. You must explicitly request SLA credit from GameFocal within 24 hours of the downtime occurring by emailing help@gamefocal.com or opening a ticket on your account.

Compensation is given in the form of Account Credit, and is not refundable or transferable in any way. You may use your account credit on future invoices with GameFocal.


We reserve the right to deny the provision of compensation if: you do not meet the conditions above and or you are in violation of, or the Terms of Service are not met.