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The First Era.

Do you have what it takes to endure the ruthless medieval realm? Introducing RivenWorld, a vast and immersive open-world sandbox survival multiplayer game set in the merciless medieval era.

Gamefocal™ Studios

GameFocal is a small game studio based in Houston, Texas, founded by Zackary “keoir” Pedersen and his wife. Growing up, Zackary dreamed of building a video game and creating worlds everyone could enjoy. Zackary owns Snaju Inc. with his wife and his father. Snaju is an aerospace software development company that specializes in space command & control software. During the day, he works on aerospace software and one day dreams to do game development full-time.

Interactive Multiplayer Experiences.

We’re building interactive multiplayer experiences using technology we created for the aerospace industry currently used in low earth orbit onboard the International Space Station for command & control.

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RivenWorld: The First Era

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