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From Aerospace to the Gaming Universe.

Our Story

In the heart of Houston, Texas, exists a small but highly passionate game studio, GameFocal. Founded by the visionary duo, Zackary “keoir” Pedersen and his wife Melissa “mahh” Pedersen, our journey is a fascinating blend of dream and ambition.

Growing up, Zackary was fueled by an extraordinary vision. He dreamed of breathing life into characters, designing intricate landscapes, and ultimately, creating immersive video game worlds for everyone to explore and enjoy. Today, he’s taking steps towards turning this childhood dream into a reality with GameFocal.

During the day, Zackary harnesses his technical expertise in creating cutting-edge aerospace solutions. When the day job concludes, his passion for game development awakens, allowing him to channel his creativity and technological prowess into the universe of video games. He aspires to commit to game development full-time in the near future, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the gaming sphere.

Here at GameFocal, we’re excited to be at the intersection of passion, dream, and innovation. As we journey forward, we invite you to join us in the thrilling expedition of creating mesmerizing gaming worlds that would enthrall and captivate players globally.

So stay tuned, the GameFocal story is just beginning!


“When you give a player a story line they play until the end, but when you give a player a canvas and tools, they make their own story with their friends that lasts a lifetime”

Zackary “keoir”, GameFocal

The Team

Zackary “keoir”Lead Developer/ Studio Lead
Melissa “mahh”3D Artist/ Environments
Rene “ener”Developer/ Animator
BrandonUI Design & Development

We’re On a Mission

To Develop interactive multiplayer games


Want to join our journey?

We’re looking for investors that have a passion in gaming and interested in the journey we’re on.
Email: zackary@gamefocal.com

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