About GameFocal

From Space to Gaming

GameFocal was created by Snaju Inc in 2022 using technology developed for the aerospace/ space industry called the Snaju® Nebula. Using the Nebula technology, that supports critical communication and commanding systems onboard multiple scientific platforms onboard the International Space Station in Low Earth Orbit, and applied it to the game service industry.

Our History

Snaju was founded in 2011 as a hosting company by Zackary & Don Pedersen, while Zackary was in High School. First starting out as a web hosting company, and then turning into one of the leading Minecraft server hosting companies. Providing Minecraft hosting to over 25,000 clients world wide, and maintaining a network of over 500 dedicated servers to support our customers. In 2018, Snaju was approached by Airbus to help design and develop an on-orbit communication system for a space platform, Snaju took it's knowledge of low-latency gaming networking and applied it to the space industry. Snaju has always had gaming in it's history, all the way from working on space simulations using VR/AR, operator GUIs for space command and control, space control systems software, and running a gaming convention in Galveston, Texas.

24/7 Network Operations Center

GameFocal operates a 24/7/365 Network Operation center in Houston, Texas. Providing critical infrastructure monitoring of the GameFocal Hive, and incident response to downtime or server failures. Enabling us to offer a 100% uptime guarantee.

Our Locations

More Coming Soon

GameFocal operates locations around the world, all monitored 24/7/365 by our Houston Network Operations Center.

  • Chicago, IL
  • Ashburn, VA
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Amsterdam, NL

GameFocal Hive
Built from Space Technology

The GameFocal™ Hive is powered by the Snaju® Nebula. Snaju Nebula has been used on multiple space platforms to provide critical communication between earth and the International Space Station. Supporting rapid file transfers to earth from space using the Snaju Nebula UDT™ File Transfer System.