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    Aye, aye, the rabble,

    Here is the moderation topic of the Call of Duty Modern Warfare forum!

    This topic has many uses, soldiers!

    The first use, and not the least, is of course to transmit links of topics/posts out of charter because we are not connected 24/7! If you see a screamer sowing the ruckus don’t bother to reply, just post the link here, report it and the moderation team will make the decision they think is right!

    You can also possibly send us suggestions (animations, pins, …) for the forum!

    The moderators’ MP boxes are open to your messages and questions, don’t hesitate. You can also come there to discuss a Kick granted or even a ban incurred after a post on this forum. We ask you to post legible, polite requests with a link to the message that incurred your Kick/Ban in case of sanction.

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